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Freestanding Films offer a range of video and editing services, from simple interview setups to complex multi-camera shoots.​ We are also able to capture longer form projects, editing the footage into captivating short films, as well as offering drone video services.​


Whatever your video capture needs, contact us to discuss how Freestanding Films can help you.

Bronze Service

Includes interviews with radio mics. Static tripod shots of products or buildings. Editing together footage into a short sequence

Service suitable for:

  • Internal communications

  • Single camera interviews using natural light on site or in showroom

  • General cut away shots of products/buildings

  • Edit for short sequences

  • Case study films


Silver Service

Ronin shots for smooth movement to capture building exteriors and interiors. Aerial shots from drone, interviews with lighting. Editing footage into mini films as per client’s needs.

Service suitable for:

  • Two camera, lit interviews

  • Process shots of products being made, buildings being constructed.

  • Reveal shots of finished buildings


Gold Service

Camera tracks for smooth sliding shots, drone shots for aerials, interview setups with full lighting kit, timelapse shots to reveal progress on a building site. Editing footage into longer form series of films.

Service suitable for:

  • Stylish interviews with full lighting

  • Beautiful reveal shots of buildings. Glossy product shots

  • Longer form edits which could form part of a series of films


Bespoke Service

Bespoke service can include filming conferences, multiple camera setups, large jibs for beautiful exterior shots of buildings, full crew to facilitate extra camera resources, drone and ronin shots. Autocue for presentation pieces.

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